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Find that missing e-mail address that's been
 at large since your last computer crash
Find Email

Email directories are unreliable -- they only list the addresses of people who have signed up or are frequent web users.  But you can always give them a try.
Usually gives the most results:
Find World Email
One of the largest email directories
Find someone's email
Eight million listings -- probably the best organized search tool for e-mail addresses. Searchable by initials and will sometimes give you real addresses and phone numbers if you want to talk or write the old fashioned way.


Type in the name of the person you're looking for and you'll find his or her e-mail address. Claims to have 5.3 million listings.


 This service claims 6.5 million listings. Basic searches free, more advanced search options for a fee. Also has a Sleeper Search that will notify you when it finds your query.
Says it has 3.9 million listings. Allows you to put in asterisks **** if you're not sure of complete spelling of the name.
A smaller database than Four11. Registration required, but it's free.
Search by continent through a database of over 12 million names
Good way to find email and homepages


One of the sites that allow you to find personal information on an individual. Phone numbers, addresses, U.S. Social Security numbers and even Usenet postings.
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The Ultimate Email Directory Open in a new browser window
There are six different email directories on the Internet, all with different
data sources and different degrees of accuracy. The Ultimate Email Directory ...

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WorldEmail, Email Directory and Internet Search Engine, Online Open in a new browser window
WorldEmail provides a Web Based Email address and The World Email Directory (WED),
which is a global online search engine for email addresses, ...

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Finding Email Addresses: Large Email Directories Open in a new browser window
Some of the most comprehensive resources for looking up e-mail addresses.
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Bigfoot - Email, Conference Call, SMS, Anti-spam, Directories Open in a new browser window
Bigfoot - Email, Conference Call, SMS, Anti-spam, Directories, Find People.
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Yahoo! People Search Open in a new browser window
Search by name to find address and phone number, or email.
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Congressional Email Directory Open in a new browser window
If you find any errors in or have any comments about this directory, let me know.
NOTE: Not everyone on Capitol Hill has email yet. ...
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AnyWho: Internet Directory Assistance; Yellow Pages, White Open in a new browser window
AnyWho is a free directory service with residential, business, and government
white and yellow page listings. ... Find Anyone's Email Address ...
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Lycos Search Open in a new browser window
Find addresses, email addresses and phone numbers for people and businesses.
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Directory and Email Forwarding Service Open in a new browser window
Local users may send e-mail to to receive a copy of the User's
Guide by e-mail. In addition, the NIH Directory FAQ contains answers to ...
New Window · Similar Sites · Alexa Info · Cached Page · Archived Page - White Pages | Yellow Pages | Reverse Phone Lookup Open in a new browser window
Reverse phone directory, address and phone number search. Other services include
email, zipcodes, city guides, public records, and background checks.
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