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American Equity Affiliate Program   We invite you to join our affiliate program - one of the highest paying on the internet. We will pay you  for each completed purchase or sale resulting  from a lead received from your advertising or from your site. $250 for each home purchased payable on closing. $250 for each home sold payable on closing.
Affiliate Virtual-Agent
Virtual Agent Network Affiliates earn a 25% commission from every order. You will receive a commission from all orders placed by referred customers. The Virtual Agent Network affiliate program represents a great residual income opportunity, as you will also receive a commission from all ordered renewals.
Make money online -Join our Affiliate network earn commission -International Property web site Homes Go Fast   Our successful property marketing service will give you handsome rewards for your advertising efforts. We pay you a hefty 15% commission for every sale that has been generated from your web site.
My Place for Internet based income source through an affiliate program in the billion dollar Real Estate Industry.   Free to get started Receive 20% commission on sales, plus 20% on all sales by new Representatives and 10% for new Agencies 5% for new Dealers that register under you and 5% on sales by any that register under them that registered under you.
Be a Representative
We're so confident you will make $$ We'll put $10.00 in your account just to get you started!
You can start earning money from all four of these sites:
My Home Searches Affiliate
Earn a 50% percent commission on each city sold. (Cost of one city is $100). Offer your site visitors a great way to generate highly targeted quality real estate leads right on their site.
The Planet Properties Affiliate Program Join Today  
Earn $7.50 for every new advertiser to Planet Properties that you refer after their first 30 days PLUS earn $3.50 every time your referral renews.
Foreclosure Free Search Partner   Receive 25% of the renewal each and every month the subscriber remains a member. Experience this revenue at no cost to you. Free and no long term commitment.
Monitor your revenue with a monthly traffic statistics report and commission tally.
Auction Property For Sale Affiliates
ITL own and maintain a large number of established sites, all with a proven track record of excellent sales and high conversion rates. We believe that we can offer you an Affiliate Scheme that will increase your revenue. We currently offer our scheme on 3 of our sites, with more due to come online later this year. As an ITL Affiliate you can choose to join one, or all of the schemes to generate money for your business.
New York apartments Queens Apartment rentals, no fee, Furnished Manhattan Apartment rentals, Brooklyn Apartment rentals, NYC re is a real estate rental website that advertises rental apartments, apartments for rent, subleases, houses for rent, homes, commercial rentals and roommates. Earn Money Promoting
Dordogne Homes Affiliate_Program
Dordogne Homes is the web's favourite holiday rental site for the Dordogne region of south west France. We have quality private villas, apartments and houses from all over the Dordogne region. We feature advanced search technology, instant responses to booking requests meaning your customers find their villa holiday quickly and easily.
Timeshare Affiliates Program   Becoming a Bidshares Affiliate provides a valuable service to your users, and pays generous commissions for your traffic. Display a banner on your website with a link to Bidshares. When a user clicks through to our site and successfully completes an auction with us, we write you a check!
With LoanWeb, you can help your visitors tap into the best rates on home loans, while earning top-dollar for the leads your site generates. As an affiliate partner, you'll earn up to $45 for each completed valid form filled out by customers who click through from your site. It costs nothing to join and we'll provide all the graphics you need to get the most out of our program.
Affiliate Advertising at would like to advertise on your mortgage industry Web site. An affiliate advertising program -- which would only require a news link on your site -- will pay you for mortgage industry readers referred from your Web site that purchase annual subscriptions at
Affiliate LoanApp has an exciting two tier affiliate program.  Each time someone referred from your site completes a request for a loan, you will be paid a commission. In addition, if you refer an affiliate to, you will get paid a commission, every time they get paid!
Earn commission on the following products:
Refinance Mortgage Loans, Home Equity Loans, Purchase Mortgage Loans.
Free Credit Search Affiliate is a completely FREE web-based resource for credit card seekers. We provide real-time unbiased information to help the consumer make informed decisions about their credit. This means that by filling out our credit profile, they can find out which banks will approve them BEFORE applying! Affiliate
Wide Range of Over 40 Products and Services Available to Promote
High Conversion Rates and Competitive Commission Structures
Custom Branding and Creatives Available
Monthly Commission Payouts on balances over $10 Live Online Reporting available 24/7
Experienced and Reliable Partner Support
Lending Universe Affiliate Offer   "When I got out of bed this morning, I discovered I'd earned $928.00 from my LendingUniverse Super Affiliate Program while I was asleep!"  Tap into the largest source of money on the planet. The lending industry is the backbone of any economy. It's estimated that there was in excess of $8 trillion, in loan products funded last year in the USA alone. You can become part of a multi-trillion dollar industry in just 2 minutes.
OAR Real Estate Secrets Affiliate   You make $10 for only a name and email lead and $10 per sale. Performance from the in-house program averaged 4.39% click through rate (on email campaigns), 31.5% opt-in rate and 8.7% sales conversion. That makes an EPC of $315! You simply drive traffic to 10 FREE online lessons about adjustable rate profit secrets in real estate with a $339,108 annual income potential.
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